My experience in Tanzania can be summed up in one word: Humbling.  As I looked out the window on our bus each day, I was saddened by the look of desperation on so many faces. After arriving at church, I was awestruck by the faith and joy among the believers. I can still hear their beautiful, harmonious, and happy voices singing to the Lord. Giving food to the widows was a most gratifying experience. One widow hugged me so tightly as tears streamed down her face thanking me over and over. All I could think about was how we have been blessed in America and all the things we take for granted. This trip to Tanzania was one of the richest and most rewarding experiences of my life. It has deepened my faith and commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. I received a far greater blessing from the Tanzanians than I gave to them. I was humbled to be in their presence and to be a part in fulfilling the great commission.
Lynne Smith 

God touched me in incredible ways on my first trip to Tanzania. He showed me that when He has work to do He sends His people to handle the job. When He sends you He provides everything you need to get the work done. This was evident to me throughout the week. The trip was also very humbling. As we drove to and from the safari through the middle of nowhere I was able to see the circumstances of families who live far from the city. I was amazed at how blessed I am to live in the USA in such luxury compared to these families who had nothing. I absolutely loved going to Tanzania with RHMi and I am praying about going back again.
Lainie Smith

First of all let me say “To God be the Glory” for all that He did through us in Tanzania. I think the most amazing thing for me was how He absolutely used all twenty-two of us in very unique ways through all that we were involved in there. From meeting people’s physical needs through the Medical Clinic, to showing business owners how to have a Christ centered business, to meeting the needs of some fifty orphans and fifty-four widows, to teaching English, conducting a ladies and pastors conference, attending the crusade and many of us sharing in churches on both Sundays, and ultimately seeing well over 150 new people come to know Christ, I stand in awe of how great our God is. This was an incredible experience and one in which has marked my life and my walk with Christ.
David Wilson 

The only thought I would knew what I would see when I got to Tanzania, but it was not until I arrived that I realized I had no idea. The poverty was overwhelming, but the love of the Tanzanian people showed was captivating. The hunger for the Lord is like nothing I have ever seen here in the U.S. They walk for miles just to hear the teaching of Jesus. The children were literally all over me and I welcomed them with open arms, because that is why God sent me, to love them. I went on this mission trip for that very reason and believe God provided me with plenty of love for each child. I am only one person, but with each hug, kind word and touch I gave, I believe it made an impact on their life. I am grateful first to God for choosing me to serve Him in this way, and also for RHMi for the awesome job they are doing to bring hope to Africa.
Patsy Glaze