While in Tanzania, RHMi supports and participates in many different ministries.

Spiritual Needs

Open-air Meetings
One of the effective ways of reaching the lost in Tanzania is through open-air meetings. These evangelism meetings have been conducted in various cities such as Dar Es Salaam, Arusha, Iringa and Mbeya. With special music and guest speakers (local and abroad), the open-air meetings draws thousands of people to hear the Gospel message. The meetings usually take place in open fields and other open-air venues.

Open-air meetings are not only a good way to share the Gospel, but it is also a good way to plant a new church or grow a small congregation.

The Bible tells us in Mark 16: 15, “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation”. One of the ways RHMi fulfills this command is by doing evangelism. Evangelism is done through the preaching of the Gospel at the open-air meetings, and is done one on one in our medical clinics. The medical clinic has an evangelism station set up where a team member has the opportunity to share the Gospel with each person that comes through the clinic.

The Gospel is also shared through the teachings at the various conferences that are being taught and at the churches that are visited. This is life changing for not only those who receive Christ, but for those who do the sharing.

Children’s Ministry
RHMi has many opportunities to minister to children of Tanzania. The mission team will work with children while other events are taking place, such as the women’s conference, medical clinic and before the crusades. There are also opportunities to have a vacation Bible school set up at the various churches. The mission team will teach about God and Jesus through Bible stories, playing games, singing songs, puppet shows and through laughter and love. The children love the attention from the Mzungus (white persons).

Women’s Conference
The women of Tanzania have very little opportunities to be able to learn and study God’s Word. This is why RHMi offers a four day women’s conference where the women can be taught on subjects like, How To Study The Bible, Who Is Jesus, Prayer, Discipleship, How To Share The Gospel and much more.

Youth Conference
It has been shared with us that the youth in Tanzania have very little opportunity to learn about Biblical principals. The churches in Tanzania are not like the churches here in the USA where there are large youth groups. A lot of youth in Tanzania only get teaching from Sunday morning services. There is nothing for their age group. RHMi offers four day Youth Conferences for girls and boys. The conferences teach the youth Biblical principles on how to handle the pressures that confront them today, as well as health and hygiene issues. This is done through teaching, discussion groups and dramas. The girls and boys meet separately so the health and hygiene issues can be discussed openly with out embarrassment.

Physical Needs

Medical Clinics
At the medical clinics men, women and children are evaluated by medical personnel and are seen by a doctor. They also go through a preventative health education station, water purification and hand washing station, eyeglasses station, evangelism station where the Gospel is shared and a prayer station where each person is prayed for. We want those who come to medical clinic not only get physical help, but spiritual help as well.

Widows’ Ministry
Most widows in Tanzania have very little income when their husbands die, and they lack the education or skills to get a job. In some cases the husband’s family can come in and take everything, leaving the widow with nothing. Some widows are not only caring for themselves but for their children and grandchildren. RHMi works with the local churches in the area and we provided food items for the widows. Some of these items include rice, flour, beans, sugar, salt and cooking oil. It is usually enough to last them a couple of months. We are glad we can offer them some relief.

Orphan Care Ministry
There are hundreds of thousands of orphans in Tanzania due to HIV/AIDS and other diseases that end up taking the lives of their parents. The Orphan Care Program is set up to help some of these orphans.  Several years ago the government decided it was best for these orphans to be placed in homes instead of orphanages.  RHMi works with local officials in the Dar Es Salaam area, and has identified 35 orphans who have been placed in homes, to participating in our program. Our program offers assistance to the host family in caring for the child. RHMi will assist with school fees, school supplies, and purchase a new school uniform, food and clothing. The child also will participate in a Saturday morning Bible based program, where the child can learn about God and Biblical principles. They will also have a chance to play and will have lunch before returning home. As Pastor Rejoice Ndalima once said, “there are so many orphans and the need is so great, but you can build a wall, one brick at a time”. We hope in the coming years we can add more orphans to our program.



Pastors’ Training Conferences
Most pastors in Tanzania have little to no formal training, and do not have the opportunity to attend seminary. At the Pastor’s Training Conferences pastors have the opportunity to learn sound Biblical truths and principles. At this four-day conference pastors will receive teaching materials and other materials to help them grow in their roles as pastors.