About RHMi

Rejoice and Hope Ministries International (RHMi) is a 501 (c3) not for profit Christian organization, established for the purpose of serving the people of Tanzania, East Africa. RHMi accomplishes this purpose through meeting spiritual and physical needs in addition to education and training. The ministry is operated by of a Board of Directors and is not affiliated with any particular church denomination or private organization. RHMi depends solely on the donations of caring individuals and businesses to support its mission.

RHMi was co-founded by Pastor Rejoice Ndalima and George Yeager in 2001. Pastor Rejoice Ndalima, a native of Tanzania, came to the United States in 1998 to further his education by pursuing a Masters Degree in Theology. He graduated from Beeson Divinity School in May 2005. Pastor Ndalima and George met at church and formed a friendship. George and several other people from his church traveled with Pastor Ndalima to Tanzania one summer and upon returning from that trip RHMi was formed. In 2005, Pastor Ndalima and his wife Beatrice and their four children returned to Tanzania to live and minister to their people. In addition, to being pastor at his church, The Lighthouse Christian Center, Pastor Ndalima heads up RHMi in Tanzania.

RHMi’s Mission Statement is to be obedient to the command of our Lord Jesus Christ in proclaiming the Gospel, making and growing disciples, and demonstrating God’s love through charity and service, in the country of Tanzania, for the purpose of glorifying God.

Each year RHMi takes a group of volunteers to share the love of Jesus through the various ministries. With established relationships with Tanzania, we can provide opportunities for churches and individuals interested in participating in foreign missions.